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September 2, 2019

What are the best Winter soccer camps in 2019 ?

Winter is a complicated period for soccer players !

One soccer camp is better than other in Winter

Winter is a complicated period for soccer players: Cold, humidity, rain, slipping and injuries. If it is the case for adults just imagine what could have happened for your kids. There are young and excited, so it wont bother them at first, however when they are on the field and the weather is not proper for soccer, the worst can happen. That is the reason why, at Soccer Travel, throughout our experiences and expertise of soccer camps for kids, we would like to offer the best camps for them to play soccer in the best conditions possible, even in winter time. We wont give you non pertinent information, so we have selected the best camp possible for your kid to be registered this coming winter: The PSG ACADEMY.

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"At Soccer Travel, throughout our experiences and expertise of soccer camps for kids, we would like to offer the best camps for them to play soccer in the best conditions possible, even in winter time.”


Keep yourselves warm with The PSG ACADEMY camps

While the low temperatures have arrived in France, The PSG ACADEMY offer this winter, indoor camps to offer the best comfort and enjoyment possible. Your child will be welcomed in the UrbanSoccer center of Puteaux (15 min away from Paris). An advanced soccer center that includes eight 5v5 soccer fields, a club-house, an on site restaurant, lockers rooms and showers. Your child will spend a week immerse in soccer, playing and being coach every day by the best coaches of the capital, all of this INDOOR. Since the beginning of the season, more than 1000 children had the opportunity to spend a week at the PSG ACADEMY through UrbanSoccer centers located around France. They have enjoyed the indoor and high quality turf fields. All the conditions are there for your child to have a great time that he/she wont forget.

Camps built to progress and have fun !

These camps are the opportunity for numerous children from everywhere around the world to discover the French soccer universe, but also the methodology of the coaches who are trained by the PSG. Aged from 5 to 13 years old, the students will enjoy a full week of advanced technical training with the goal to progress in every subject offered while having fun with their teammates. Strong values carried and shared by the club and the entire staff, who built specific training for the practice of 5vs5 soccer, depending on the children’s age and their level. Five days of soccer indoor to learn those values shared by the club through all the subjects presented during the camp every day. Those camps offer also a follow up of their individual progression and performances. That way, they know where they stand during the week.

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Paris during winter, A Must !


Paris during winter, A Must !

Winter is the time when all the Christmas decoration are placed around the city, in the shops, from November until the New Year. The trees of the Champs Elysee Avenue, are beautifuly decorated with colored lights, the City Hall offers an open Skate ring, and following the tradition, the parisiens big store offers beautiful decorations and shows for kids.

Family time found his way to the Christmas market where their chalet made of real wood, open their door starting November. From Saint Germain des Pres to Nation, going to Champs Elysee Avenue, Paris bring over craftsman that come from all around France to showcase their local products. Everything is there for a warm ambiance, foods, party presents and HOT chocolate. The Christmas market are also the best time for you to find ideas for your Christmas family parties.

Santa Clause came, now what ?

Christmas doesn’t mean that the party is over. If this is your first time in Paris, make sure to not miss the traditional and most famous New Year fireworks from the … Eiffel Tower, YES!!! During the 31 st of December, you and your family can immerse yourself in the Dame de fer or on the Champs Elysee Avenue, full of the cheerful masses. If you want to see Bengale fireworks and colorful parade, you should wait for the Chinese New year. A lot of shows, concerts ands markets are set up for many days in Paris (Grand Palais, City Hall, Place D’Italy) to celebrate the occasion.

Until the beginning of January, the gorgeous nef of the Grand Palais overlook the famous and yearly Funfair who brings together the urban art and the classical culture. The Great Wheel (100 foot), give happiness to children and give the chance for the adults to see the substantial wall of Glass of the Grand Palais and an amazing view over Paris.

Last but not least, if you want to renew your wardrobe you can enjoy the Winter clearance. It starts the second Wednesday of January and last for a month. The clearance goes up to 70% off. Ready, Set…. GO !

During our camps, qualified coaches will be developed and pass on all these qualities to you so that you can find your place in a team. The one that suits you as a footballer and as a man.


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Winter is a complicated period for soccer players and your kids !

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